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Aims and Scope

Indonesia Journal of Biomedical Science (IJBS) is an open-access, peer-reviewed, international journal aiming to communicate high-quality research articles and reviews related to biomedicine development.

Postgraduate School of Biomedicine, Udayana University was the early co-collaborator of IJBS agreed that the study published in our journal needs to be related or conducted in biomedicine laboratory.

Today, IJBS. requires all published articles to be from the 3 major departments of Udayana biomedicine (see list) or from the 8 departement of UGM biomedicine (see list). Nonrelated topics and non-laboratory-based research will be automatically rejected.

Four main accepted article characteristics include:

  1. Original Articles: Experimental/Observational study that involves samples and control groups.
  2. Review Articles: Systematic review or Meta-analysis in a hospital based condition.
  3. Case: Hospital Case Reports or Case Series that usually inform about rare cases, emerging cases, or rare procedures (surgery and non-surgery).
  4. Editorial Letter: Commentaries related to a published article, usually with different points of view/ expert opinions.


The journal also accepts innovation reports in biomedicine development, survey articles, practical guidelines, and animal models (strictly related to biomedicine, etc: drug testing).

IJBS also aims to bridge and integrate medical scholarship's intellectual, translational medicine, methodological, and substantive diversity and encourage a vigorous dialogue between medical scholars and medical researchers. The Journal welcomes contributions that promote the exchange of ideas and rational discourse between practicing educators and medical researchers worldwide.