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Sweet pranajiwa (Sterculia javanica R. Br) seed extract increases spermatogenesis and sexual behavior in mice (Mus musculus)

I Gusti Ayu Widianti , I Nyoman Gede Wardana, Gede Wirata

I Gusti Ayu Widianti
Department of Anatomy, Udayana University. Email: drigawid@gmail.com

I Nyoman Gede Wardana
Department of Anatomy, Udayana University

Gede Wirata
Department of Anatomy, Udayana University
Online First: January 25, 2018 | Cite this Article
Widianti, I., Wardana, I., Wirata, G. 2018. Sweet pranajiwa (Sterculia javanica R. Br) seed extract increases spermatogenesis and sexual behavior in mice (Mus musculus). Indonesia Journal of Biomedical Science 12(1). DOI:10.15562/ijbs.v12i1.149

Background: As regards the increasing number of infertility cases in male, it induces them to use various kinds of medicine include alternative medicine. Some drugs that improve the sexual behavior previously have been approved for several years. Especially for pranajiwa seed extract, its sexual effect had not been tested previously. Aim: This study was designed to show a botanical product named: pranajiwa seed widely used as an aphrodisiac, could increases spermatogenesis and sexual behavior Methods: The design of this experimental research is a randomized pre-posttest control group design. Data were collected from 44 mice divided into 4 groups: the first is the control group, the second group is 2.5% Pranajiwa seed extract, the third group contains 5% sweet Pranajiwa seed extract and the last is treated with 10% Pranajiwa seed extract. Results: Sweet Pranajiwa seed extract, in different concentration 2.5%, 5% and 10% respectively, which is given every day for 35 days could increase the spermatogenesis, frequency of mounting and intromission, and there was a decrease of time for mounting and intromission. Conclusion: All of pranajiwa seed extract concentration were significantly increase spermatogenesis and sexual behavior instead of control group (p<0.05). 


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