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Background: Osteoarthritis (OA) is a common problem in the elderly population and has very significant effect toward the daily activity of the elderly. The incidence and prevalent of OA is expected to increase in the upcoming decade with the doubling of the aging population. The management of OA could be classified into surgical and non-surgical with the latter could be further divided into pharmacological and non-pharmacological. Despite a wide array of publications discussing about surgical and pharmacological intervention of OA, there are still little references about its non-pharmacological intervention. Aim: Thus, the aim of this review is to describe about the non-pharmacological rehabilitative management of OA which is considered as more applicable with less side effect compared to surgical or pharmacological intervention. Conclusion: Hopefully, the information would be helpful in constructing a more comprehensive approach toward OA patient especially in elderly.


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Kurniawan, C. D. (2018). The principle of non-pharmacologic management of osteoarthritis. Indonesia Journal of Biomedical Science, 12(1).




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