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Pre and post-extended thymectomy plasmapheresis accelerates mechanical ventilation extubation in Myasthenia Gravis patients with Thymoma

I Wayan Widyantara , Kadek Mulyantari, Ketut Sinardja

I Wayan Widyantara
Department of Neurology, Faculty of Medicine, Udayana University/Sanglah General Hospital. Email: authorkosong2@gmail.com

Kadek Mulyantari
Lecturer Department of Clinical Pathology, Faculty of Medicine, Udayana University/Sanglah General Hospital

Ketut Sinardja
Intensive Care Consultant and Teaching Staff Department of Anesthesia and Reanimation FK UNUD / Sanglah Hospital
Online First: January 04, 2019 | Cite this Article
Widyantara, I., Mulyantari, K., Sinardja, K. 2019. Pre and post-extended thymectomy plasmapheresis accelerates mechanical ventilation extubation in Myasthenia Gravis patients with Thymoma. Indonesia Journal of Biomedical Science 13(1): 7-11. DOI:10.15562/ijbs.v13i1.169

Background: Myastenia gravis (MG) is a neuromuscular junction disorder that causes significant disability in the patient. Plasmaparesis and thymectomy are some therapeutic modalities in MG patients. Patients with MG of 10-15% had thymoma and 60% occurred thymic hyperplasia. Thymectomy may improve MG outcomes in 54-94% of patients (thymoma cases) or 21-42% of patients (cases of thymic hyperplasia). Plasmaparesis perioperatif still controversial. Case report: The 60-year-old man comes with a complaint both eyelids often close and both hands and feet experience fluctuating weakness, improved at rest. Patients with a history of DM and pulmonary TB. On the physical examination obtained eyelid twitch response and improved ptosis on ice test. Laboratory shows hyperglycemia and thrombocytopenia. Electrophysiological examination supports neuromuscular junction lesions. In thoracic and thoracic rectal images the mediastinal mass was obtained. Patients were diagnosed with myastenia gravis with suspected thyroid mediastinal mass. Treatment given mestinon 60 mg every 8 hours peroral, thymectomy plan, platelet transfusion, and plasmaparesis. Obtained a tumor with a large 10x8x7 cm with adhesions around the organ. Microscopic features support a thymoma A. Patients receive perioperative plasmaparesis 1 series (5x administration) divided, 2 preoperative and 3 postoperative times. The patient used mechanical ventilation for less than 24 hours and no residual symptoms. Conclusion: Myastenia gravis grade IIa (Osserman) with thymoma A performed extended thymectomy. Plasmaparesis given pre and post surgery showed clinical improvement and duration of short ventilator use. Good prognosis associated with mild MG degree, no myastenia crisis.


Keywords: myastenia gravis, thymectomy, plasmaparesis



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