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Flap modalities for reconstruction following excision of vascular malformation on lower lip: a review with a case report

  • Jenny Indah Haryanti ,
  • Lucretya Yeniwati Tanuwijaya ,
  • Rizka Khairiza ,
  • Ahmad Fawzy Mas'ud ,



Capillary malformations (CMs) and Lymphatic malformation (LMs) are vascular malformations that share a common tendency to cause soft and hard tissue hyperthropy, expressed in the three dimensions of the space. Although middle third of the face is the most commonly involved area, with a predominance of upper lip, the lower lip sometimes involved in some cases too. Vascular malformations of the lip often require reconstructive surgery with meticulous attention to both aesthetic and functional purposes. The lip reconstructive rule of thirds suggests that lower lip defects involving 1/3-2/3 total lip width require closure with lip switch or local advancement flap techniques (Karapandzic, Abbe, or Estlander).

Case Description:

36 years old woman with bluish tumor lesion on lower lip since childhood, came to our clinic with history of  small lesion enlarging slowly, bluish in color, elastic in palpation, no bruit in auscultation. She had underwent surgery to reduce the size of lesion twice while childhood and in adult. Then she felt the lesion became bigger and fulfilling the right edge extended to two third of the lower lip. She felt a little bit itchy, and a difficulty in eating. The surgeon performed a wide excision continued using lip reconstruction Karapandzic flap. The final result of the reconstruction is satisfactory for the patient, and no recurrence nor complication existed.


Vascular malformation which underwent correcting surgery should consider certain guidelines regarding anatomic consideration and therefore appropriate reconstruction according guideline methods, such as close primarily, Karapandzic, Estlander, Abbe, Bernard-Burrow, distant free flap, will provide good anatomical and physiological result in attected lip. The surgeon choose to perform Karapandzic method for this patient because Karapandzic is probably the better choice because it’s better at maintaining oral competence. Larger lip defects over 50% of the lip can be reconstructed by Karapandzic flap. 


Karapandzic flaps is probably proper alternative due to reducing the larger lower lip defect (more than two-thirds of lip) which give a satisfying result of this patient.



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