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Extravesical diverticulectomy: a case report


Background: Several factors cause bladder diverticula. In adult males, the incidence tends to be due to infravesical obstruction. Various techniques have already been introduced to remove the bladder diverticula, which the most hazardous method is the extravesical diverticulectomy technique. This case study aims to report our successful experience in treating a patient with bladder diverticula with extravesical diverticulectomy technique.

Case Description: A 69-year-old man was admitted to the urology clinic with recurrent urinary tract infection. Ultrasonography examination revealed bladder diverticula, mild bilateral hydronephrosis without prostate enlargement. Preoperative urethroscopy confirmed the presence of urethral stricture. Internal urethrotomy was performed, followed by extravesical diverticulectomy. The postoperative patient healed remarkably and no complaints were reported.

Conclusion: The extravesical diverticulectomy approach seems to be a safe, simple, effective method and can be performed for many sizes of bladder diverticula when performed by an experienced surgeon.



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