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The relationship between follistatin and sarcopenia in elderly

  • I Gusti Putu Suka Aryana ,
  • Ida Bagus Putu Putrawan ,
  • Ni Ketut Rai Purnami ,
  • RA Tuty Kuswardhani ,
  • I Nyoman Astika ,


Introduction: Sarcopenia is a multifactorial condition characterized by progressive and comprehensive mass loss accompanied by skeletal muscle strength or function. It can be triggered by physical inactivity, hormonal changes, energy, protein intake, oxidative stress and inflammatory processes. The state of inactivity underlying sarcopenia is related to follistatin levels.

Methods: an analytical cross-sectional study conducted in Posyandu or Elderly Associations in Denpasar City with subjects aged ≥60 years old started from January 2021 to September 2021. The data collected were anthropometric measurements, muscle mass, grip strength, walking speed and serum follistatin levels. Sarcopenia was diagnosed based on the AWGS criteria. Bivariate analysis was performed using the Mann-Whitney analysis to determine the difference in the mean of the independent variables and the Spearman's test to determine the relationship between sarcopenia and follistatin levels. 

Results: 75 subjects were selected, and 15 (20%) subjects were diagnosed with sarcopenia. The results of the Spearman correlation test of upper arm circumference, waist circumference, calf circumference, SMI, walking speed, hand grip strength and follistatin levels only found a significant negative relationship between waist circumference and follistatin levels r= -0,309, p= 0,016. No differences in mean follistatin levels with sarcopenia and non-sarcopenia group p= 0,516. There was no significant relationship between follistatin levels and sarcopenia p= 0,615.  

Conclusion: There is no correlation between follistatin levels and sarcopenia in the elderly. However, follistatin is inversely correlated with waist circumference.



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