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Calf muscle evaluation during rehabilitation after flexor hallucis longus tendon transfer in neglected achilles tendon rupture: A case report


Introduction: Neglected achilles tendon rupture is generally defined as a rupture with a delay of more than 4 weeks prior to diagnosis or treatment. Difficulties in management make it one of the challenging problems in orthopedic practice. They have a greater tendency to develop complications and slightly poorer functional outcomes than patients with an acute rupture.

Method: This case report features a case of 30 years old female with 3 months of neglected achilles tendon rupture after landing in the wrong position while playing badminton. The patient complains of continuous pain and inability to move her ankle downward, making walking difficult. On physical examination and CT imaging, we found achiles tendon rupture with significant gap and calf muscle atrophy. The patient was then managed operatively by debridement and tendon repair with flexor halucis longus tendon transfer.

Result: Follow up 3 months post-operative, found a difference in calf muscle circumference in both legs. At the same time, there is still an improvement in active ROM ankle plantarflexion and positive single heel raise test on the affected side. The functional outcome measured by ATRS obtained 80 points, and AOFAS ankle-hindfoot scales with a value of 91 points.

Discussion: With several advantages, FHL tendon transfer is the currently used technique for neglected cases of achiles tendon rupture. Despite long immobilization will induce other complications. Good operative techniques and accelerated rehabilitation are still recommended to gain good functional outcomes for the patient.



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Subawa, I. W. ., Pratama, I. P. A. A., & Pramana, I. G. N. B. A. . (2022). Calf muscle evaluation during rehabilitation after flexor hallucis longus tendon transfer in neglected achilles tendon rupture: A case report. Indonesia Journal of Biomedical Science, 16(2), 91–96.




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