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Correlation between level of vitamin d and svcam-1 towards degree of hypertension in elderly patients


Introduction: At old age, it is often found the condition of vitamin D deficiency associated with decrease of physical performance, increase risk of fall and as the risk of hypertension.  sVCAM-1 is a protein expressed on endothelium surface which being activated and also expressed in the initial event of atherosclerosis so that sVCAM-1 can be used as marker to determine the degree of severity of atherosclerosis in human. This study was aimed to evaluate the correlation between vitamin D and sVCAM-1 towards degree of hypertension in elderly patients.

Methods: This research was using cross-sectional method conducted at Geriatric Outpatient Clinic, Kidney-Hypertension and Cardiology in Prof. Dr. Ngoerah General Hospital, Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia, starting from April 2022 up to August 2022. Study sample was all of elderly population who came to clinic. Sample was taken using the means of consecutive sampling. Chi-square test was used for bivariate analysis and regression logistical multiple regression test was used for multivariate analysis.

Results: Result of bivariate analysis showed that sVCAM-1 was significantly related to the degree of hypertension, in which it obtained the value of p = 0.030, with OR = 3.3. The result was also directly proportional with relation to level of vitamin D towards degree of hypertension, in which it obtained the value of p = 0.031, with OR value = 8.0. In multivariate analysis it obtained that the level of sVCAM-1 was significant statistically towards the degree of hypertension, with p value of 0.032.

Conclusion: Based on this study, the results can become reference, in which low level of vitamin D and high level of sVCAM-1, associated with higher blood pressure in elderly patients.



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