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Exploration study of the interest of public health center visitors in utilizing traditional health services in Denpasar


Introduction: Traditional health services (THS) are organized by the Public Health Center (PHC) as an alternative to disease prevention and treatment for the community. Since its launch, the number of visits to the THS has not reached its target. The purpose of this study was to explore the interest of PHC visitors in utilizing THS.

Methods: This research was qualitative research with an exploratory approach. The research was conducted at South Denpasar. Samples were selected using a purposive sampling technique. The research informants consisted of seven main informants who used THS at the PHC and private medical practices and two supporting informants, namely health workers at the PHC and traditional healers at the medical practice. Data collection used in-depth interviews and observation methods, which were then analyzed using thematic methods.

Results: The community's interest in utilizing traditional medicine consisted of 4 themes, namely, aspects of benefits, factors of trust, factors of habits, and aspects of making traditional medicine a companion or even a substitute for medical treatment methods.

Conclusion: The community’s interest in traditional medicine is quite high. Public opinion regarding the use of traditional medicine consists of several aspects, namely aspects of benefits, beliefs, habits, and aspects of companion or substitute for medical treatment. Therefore, it is suggested that THS providers always provide good and correct information about traditional medicine.



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Widari, K. L., Ani, L. S., & Manuaba, I. B. G. F. (2023). Exploration study of the interest of public health center visitors in utilizing traditional health services in Denpasar. Indonesia Journal of Biomedical Science, 17(2), 220–223.




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