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Analysis of burnout syndrome on the quality of nursing work life during COVID-19 pandemic

  • An Yuliani ,
  • Maria Ulfa ,


Background: Amid the long struggle against the COVID-19 pandemic, nurses are experiencing physical and psychological fatigue. This study aimed to analyze the impact of burnout syndrome on the quality of work life of nurses in Madiun, Indonesia.

Methods: In this study, researchers used a quantitative approach with data sources from questionnaires through Google form with a total of 1299 respondents, and data processing was carried out using structural equation model-partial least square (SEM-PLS).

Results: The results showed that burnout syndrome has a significant effect on the quality of nurses' work life with p-value=0.004, emotional exhaustion, depersonalization, and personal achievement have a significant influence on the incidence of burnout syndrome with p-value=0.000, and work-life-home life, work context, and work design have a considerable influence with p-value=0.000, on the quality of nursing work life in nurses in Madiun, Indonesia.

Conclusion: Recognizing burnout in healthcare workers during an outbreak was crucial to minimizing its impact and ensuring their well-being. This study can help stakeholders make decisions about work distribution, compensation, and creating a supportive work environment.



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