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Cost efficiency of cesarean section surgery with eracs method compared to the conventional method


Background: The enhanced recovery after caesarean surgery (ERACS) method is a new protocol for cesarean delivery, which improves recovery by optimizing maternal health during periods of prenatal, intranatal, and postnatal. This study aimed to analyze the effectiveness of the ERACS versus the conventional method in PKU Muhammadiyah, Pamotan, and Rembang Hospital.

Methods: A cross-sectional design was used in this study. One hundred and twenty pregnant women who scheduled elective section cesarean surgery with class II The National Health Insurance in July – December 2022 were the samples in this study. Pregnant women who delivered in normal, emergency sectio caesarea and delivery except sectio caesarea procedure were excluded from this study.

Results: This study indicates that the mobilization period of the ERACS method is faster (8.83 hours) post-cesarean surgery than that of the conventional method (18.47 hours). The hospital stay in the ERACS method is shorter (1 day) than the conventional method (2.35 days). The total cost of hospital care in the ERACS method is significantly lower (Rp 5,993,800,-) than the conventional method (Rp 7,810,699,-).

Conclusion: The section caesarea with the ERACS was more efficient than the conventional method.



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