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Spontaneous retrovesical bleeding on COVID-19 patient: A rare case

  • Faathir Baihaqi Ghifary ,
  • Tanaya Ghinorawa ,


Introduction: COVID-19 does not merely cause respiratory distress as a clinical manifestation but also can develop into other systemic conditions such as cardiovascular, neurologic, hematopoietic, coagulopathy, and immunity disorders, and finally, multiple organ failure. This case aims to report a rare case of spontaneous retrovesical bleeding as one of the complications of COVID-19

Case Description: The patient was a female 66 years old with COVID-19 who complained of abdominal mass, followed by abdominal pain, decrease of consciousness, and unstable hemodynamics. During exploratory laparotomy, we found hematoma and diffuse bleeding from the retrovesical space. During the treatment of COVID-19, the patient was also administered enoxaparin to prevent venous thromboembolism.

Conclusion: Coagulopathies in patients with COVID-19, aggravated with the administration of enoxaparin, induce spontaneous retrovesical bleeding. Moreover, the clinical manifestation of spontaneous retrovesical bleeding was atypical, making it challenging to recognize and diagnose early.



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